What we do

Services We Provide

Bespoke AI Systems

Development of bespoke artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning solutions to suit client objectives.

Edge Deployment

Deployment of AI systems on the device processing large amounts of data.

Remote Sensing

AI system deployment on the edge, in conjunction with sensor stacks; visual, infra-red, hyperspectral, acoustic and radio frequency.

AI Driven Design

Utilising end-to-end AI-driven simulation framework to compute design simulations a thousand times faster than traditional simulation, with the accuracy of numerical solvers.

AI Driven Robotics

AI Driven training in powerful, multi-GPU, real-time simulation environments for improving the autonomy of robotics.

Research & Design

Collaborate with the University of Wollongong for the Research, Design and Development of real world class bespoke solutions for clients.


We envision a world where intelligent systems enhance decision making, protect people, reduce risk and predict challenges, pushing industries and supply chains forward.

  • We are driven by three core values:
  • Focused. Precise. Effective.
  • Collaborative. Confident. Customer-centric.
  • Real world. Leading edge.

Intelligent System Design (ISD) is a wholly Australian owned enterprise focused on the development of AI- threat detection technology. Our experts are proactively working to develop smart solutions that solve real world problems posing a threat to people, countries and the global supply chain.

A threat that cannot be detected, cannot be combatted.

We’re on a mission to unlock the trillion-dollar global supply chain using breakthrough AI-driven pest detection technology that reduces border inspections from days to minutes protecting Australia’s Agriculture Sector and Natural Resources.

Border control and pest incursions cost governments and farmers millions of dollars in lost productivity and thousands in employee hours. Let’s change it!

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