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The Hyperspectral Imaging (HIS) market is expanding swiftly and for all the right reasons. Expected to rise from US$154.60 million in 2021 to US$359.10 million by 2028, at 15.96% CAGR, 37% of the growth is forecasted to come from Asia Pacific, alone.

Hyperspectral imaging technology has seen successful adoption and application across industries. With its AI-powered hyperspectral imaging camera that’s fast and accurate and represents a breakthrough in threat detection in various settings, ISD is slated to ride this growth.

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Stop outbreaks at the border

Invasive species cost billions of dollars in reduced productivity, eradication costs and biosecurity operations. The importation of goods to Australia is increasing exponentially, putting a strain on Australia’s biosecurity operations. ISD’s solutions improve the efficiency and effectiveness of biosecurity operations at the border, protecting Australia’s Agriculture Sector and Natural Resources while accelerating the transportation of goods. 


Safeguarding Our Agriculture

The total value of agricultural production in 2021-22 reached $78 billion. According to CSIRO, invasive species cost Australia around $24.5 billion a year.  ISD has developed AI solutions capable of autonomously detecting invasive pests in real-time enabling farmers and agriculture businesses a powerful tool to reduce labour costs, prevent losses, optimise  pesticide application and maximise agricultural outputs.


Breaking Free from Barriers in Shipping and Logistics

Australia’s waterways are under constant threat from invasive pests, diseases, and other unwanted hitchhikers that attach themselves to inbound ships. Border control protects these rivers and harbours through an arduous manual sample collection on those ships. This process is time consuming, costs millions of dollars, and causes supply chain disruptions.

Deploying HSI tech can reduce inspection wait times along with the money and personnel needed to perform those checks.


Auditing and Traceability

Importers and exporters are responsible for ensuring their goods are free from pest and disease. Our device is designed to be used with limited training, ensuring anyone can conduct biosecurity operations.  A number of features on our device can record shipping container numbers and automatically log inspections, improving the traceability of any pests when detected. 


Enhanced Decision Making

ISD has developed systems that can be deployed on the edge for various Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions. Our systems are highly optimized and have been developed in conjunction with The University of Wollongong, the Defence Science Technology Group and the Space Research Network. The systems enhance the speed, accuracy, and classification of multiple threats across the air, sea, land and space domains. For information regards how our AI can enhance ISR capabilities, please contact us.


Early Response

In conjunction with the University of Wollongong, ISD is developing the next generation of bushfire management tools. The system is deployable on UAV and satellite for early detection and bushfire prevention, rapid response and damage assessment for rescue and recovery operations.

How will ISD’s AI-driven hyperspectral imaging cameras drive your enterprise forward? Chat with us on HSI’s endless possibilities.